Shadow theatre workshops offers young artists, educators and students a new opportunity to create memory plays and dialogue, using real events in history to discuss stereotypes that fuel racial, ethnic, religious, and gender misconceptions. By incorporating the power of storytelling students and teachers create live performances about important topics and people involved in outcome peace process, the ancient art of shadow performance and cutout theatre.

Our workshops’ function as practical application to help students better understand people and cultures in our community by using shadow theatre interactive workshops. Our goal is to develop a better dialogue among people that remove discriminatory myths within all societies, religions, and countries. Through experiential learning, students reconsider their beliefs and learned behavior and question what was previously thought of as truths. During our workshops students use shadow puppets to represent cultural generalizations among different communities to try to develop empathy and find a better understanding. This style of workshop uses live art performance (shadow theatre), and allows the students to create an alternative approach to the present situations in the world. Our workshop does not involve technical learning, but rather is more about content communication and storytelling.