The Trilogy of the Massacres: Scent/Sorrow/Exiled

The Trilogy of the Massacres is about three massacres that took place in the Middle East: The Halabja Massacre, 1988/Iraq; The Sivas Massacre, 1993/Turkey; and The Roboski Massacre, 2011/Turkey. To discuss each of these three massacres, I used three styles of writing all of which are genres normally used to manipulate reality. These videos were made as two separate versions, the official manipulated story and the real story side by side in Turkish and English. In this video projection performance, I collaborated with Stuart Fishelson to try to show how easily governments can manipulate words to hide tragic events that happened. The three videos called Sorrow, Scent, and Exiled were performed and exhibited in the Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul (2014), and The LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University, New York (2015).